New Road Covid Vaccination Centre

Dear All,

I have today seen the pharmacists and they have signed up to use New Road as a vaccination centre.  They will be using the hall for administering vaccines, the kitchen to store their vaccines and prepare them, the choir vestry to store PPE and at lunchtimes, the Gallery room for a staff lunch breaks.  They will be operating Wednesday to Saturday each week and plan to commence operations on Friday 28th May at the earliest.  Between now and then they will be preparing these rooms by installing equipment etc.  The arrangement will continue until 28th August.  They have been allocated 8 car parking spaces, with the remaining 4 being reserved for the use of Circuit staff, and these will be marked by cones.  Can anyone needing to enter the church on any day when the vaccine centre is in operation please use the rear side door only to enter the church by the vestries, as patients will be using the main rear door to enter and the front doors to leave the building.  Do not attempt to enter by the front doors please.  Obviously the car park is likely to be fully in use on these days.  Can you please let as many people as possible know of this change.  

Vaccination Centre at New Road

For any Covid vaccination queries, please call 07543 189205.
Please do not call the church or the Minister’s phone number for vaccination queries