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Message from our Superintendent

Dear Sisters and Brothers
Not long ago we entered Tier4 and having striven all year to keep churches open we got to the point where we could see that increasing infection rates and the new Covid strain meant that the CLT recommended that churches should consider closing.   All our churches are now closed across the circuit, district and I imagine the connexion.

This decision was clearly sensible as events have rapidly moved on and we have entered a national lockdown.  We now have a duty not to put any additional pressure on the NHS.  We continue to pray for all who serve in this manner, as well as for the mental and spiritual well being of all of us who must now remain in lockdown.

The ministry and staff team met this week to do forward planning and have created an online preaching plan for January and February for 10.30am morning services in VosWorship to compliment the evening plan already established.
Once again we thank those who are preparing our services week by week and those who facilitate the technology that underpins our online existence as well as the full text service sheets many distribute on paper through the doors of our community.  A full text service is attached below and next week I will be sending out a January, New Years Circuit Letter.
May pray for the vaccination programme and its rapid success and in response to today's news, we pray for common sense and clam to prevail in the United States. 
God bless you all 
Rev Alan Combes and the team

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Sisters and Brothers
Very sadly we find ourselves entering lockdown again and we pray for the physical and mental well being of ourselves and our communities at this difficult time.

In line with the new restrictions there are no worship services in our churches.  BUT this time we are perhaps better prepared and we are delighted that with the support of the CTC technical team we can immediately return to offering morning services in VoSWorship.

Sunday21st March is very important and there will be two live streamed services.
      - at 10.30pm led by Revd. Michael Payne
       - at 6.30pm  led by Andy Haines

Both services will be followed by Coffee and chat in Coffeeroom1 and Coffeeroom2  (links for these are also at the top of the VoSWorship window)
The morning service will available on VOSWorship for the rest of the week other than between 5.30pm on Sunday and Monday morning when the evening service will be available.

For anyone unable to access these services we attach a full text service for you to use at home.  

BOTH Live stream services AND the most recent Recorded service can always be found here:  
AND all previous live-streamed and recorded services can be found on the Circuit Website Virtual Player:
Every blessing to all and thanks to those who are preparing our services week by week.
Rev Alan Combes and the team

Elaine Panchal

Circuit Administrator


I am still working from home and can be contacted on 07712332075


Vale of Stour Methodist Circuit Office

New Road Methodist Church

New Road, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1PA



Tel: 01384 442718     



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Coronavirus - Guidelines

The advice from the Methodist Church regarding the coronavirus pandemic is as follows:

  1. Please do not shake hands when greeting the congregation - use your smile or a gesture of peace instead.
  2. The offertory bags will not be passed around the congregation, the steward on duty will stand at the church entrance door with a plate for the offertory which will be collected on arrival.  This should then be placed on the communion table ready for the minister to bless during the service.
  3. Do wear disposable gloves when counting the offertory after the service.  Gloves for this purpose will be stored in the vestry.
  4. During communion services, the bread and wine will be handed to worshippers as usual, avoiding the potential hazard of many hands handling the elements if participants were to take from a communal plate themselves.  The recipient will then replace the empty glasses into the appropriate place on the communion rail.  The minster and steward will take extra hand washing precautions whilst administering this.
  5. Always follow the Government hand washing guidelines before and after any hand contact.
  6. If you (or anyone you know) feels unwell or has the signs of a cough or cold please do not attend church.