Restart 23rd May 2021 


At 10.30 a.m. on Sunday, 23rd May – Pentecost Sunday – we will be opening the doors at New Road for worship.  We will welcome back those who were able to attend worship from August to December 2020 and also those who have not been able to share in worship since March 2020.  Many of us have now had two vaccinations to give us some protection from Covid and its worst effects.  The Government has issued new guidelines about what we can (and can’t) do to return to activities and to meeting people. 

But – we still need to be cautious, for ourselves and for others.  The seating has been rearranged in the church so that we can keep a safe distance between us.  We will continue to wear face masks inside the building and singing is not yet permitted (though it is OK to hum quietly or to clap).  Larger groups of people are legally allowed to meet outside, but please take care in the street and car parks that you do not block the way for others to pass.

When you arrive at church a steward will note your name.  If you have not been to a service since March 2020 please be ready to give your telephone number.  This is so that all worshippers can be easily contacted in case of Covid infection confirmed for an attendee.  There will be a box for offerings, please use this as you exit the church.

Roy Davis has been ensuring that the building is cleaned thoroughly each week and that hand sanitisers are available to use as you enter and leave.  You will be met by someone who will show you to your seat.  Once seated please remain there until you are shown out at the end of the service.  We will not be offering drinks at the end of service until September at the earliest.

It is good that we can meet in person again for worship, but please take care of yourselves and be especially mindful of those who are nervous of being close to others.

Good wishes from your church stewards.